Paris / Beauvais, FRANCE


Hervé (drums)
Mush (vocals)
Pat (guitar)
Pierre (bass)
Romain (guitar)



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The HELLMOTEL Company opened doors Dec.2004, after the closing of the multi-sports center JUDOBOY.
All we can say is that HELLMOTEL don't lose their time: their first release is their first album, recorded into two sessions (summer 2004 and December 2004) by Franck Hueso (Hacride/Inside Conflict...) at studio 4 and mastered in Sweden at Tonteknik Studio by Pelle Henricsson (REFUSED/CULT OF LUNA). This album was supposed to appear under the name of JUDOBOY, but since the leaving of the singer, the 3 other members enrolled a guy named "Mush" a.k.a. "Mister Motel" (singer in the band from Nantes WATERTANK) to record the singing part. This last had to call over a few people to help him handle the challenge of writing and recording lyrics only a few days after discovering the songs!

The line-up of the record is thus made up of three former JUDOBOY members:
-Romain a.k.a. "Senor Motel" (guitars)
-Pierre a.k.a. "Mac Motel" (bass)
-Hervé a.k.a. "Herr Motel" (drums)

Have taken part:
-Mush a.k.a. "Mister Motel" (lead screams)
-El Borbah (clear voices) from the punk-stoner band KUBOTA (and former To Learn)
-Waner (additional voices) from the band RIGHT 4 LIFE
-Garth (roaring) from the band NO COMPROMISE

After the recording, Pat a.k.a. Motel San from ACTIONS FALL SHORT and JETSEX joined the band at second guitar, the band then started playing gigs, from Beauvais to Nantes (with RIGHT 4 LIFE, GENERAL LEE) passing through Paris (with COMITY, UNDYING, BRIDGE TO SOLACE), but also making a remarkable appearance at FURY FEST 2005. The band is now preparing their October tour where they'll shake some dust with KUBOTA, driving through France and Switzerland.

In the space of 6 months, the band had time to record an album, take part into the most important French manifestation of extreme music, demonstrate their live ability (the members all together have played at least 200 shows), take part into the compilation REVOLUTION CALLING (gathering many of the best French bands into deviating hardcore and metal), and finally to shoot their first video directed by the rising name of contemporary arts, Fabien Giraud (available Fall 2005 on www.hellmotel.com).

Finally, when listening to their music, we can find out a rage close to CONVERGE; a groove inspired by EVERY TIME I DIE, but HELLMOTEL settles it all: FROM ROCK TO ROCK...


Hang Us Young
CD | RSR009
Radar Swarm Records

§ Split w/ Inside Conflict | CD | Plainfield Records | 2002
§ «s/t» | CD | Antithesis Records / Hanabi Records / Jetlag Collectif / Nihilove Records | 2001