Alès, Gard, FRANCE


Fred Bouchet (vocals/guitar)
Jean-Michel Marlier (drums)
Mathieu Valignat (bass)



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The first notes ever that SR played are to be remembered as far as 1999 around Fred, Max, Jean-Michel and Cyril, respectively on vocals/guitar, guitar, drums and bass.

The first songs are no more than copies of bands such as Hatebreed or All out war, say bands stamped as hardcore metal in his strictest sense. Besides, lyrics have a social, denunciating issues, almost punk. This the way SR will go on during a few months. As much for its metal side (SR is a side project band from the extreme deathmetal band Morgue gathered together 2 years ago around the same guys) as for its relative inexperience.

The desire of Morgue to explore new musics influences the music of SR which will remain a kind of release for riffs that won't stand for Morgue. Both bands' life is intimately linked.

Meanwhile, Cyril will stay in the us after the North-American Extermination tour in order to get married but continue playing in musical projects.

Musically and by way of consequence, Morgue's music gets from the overture of SR and becomes thiner, moving to a sort of hybrid between power violence and grindcore. And SR will get the same change, switching from old school or hardcore metal to explorating a great amount of sub-genres of metal, stoner, rock, post hardcore, jazz and grind.

Back then when SR began to release cds, Morgue has already issued out its second album and toured. This is maybe what will push SR to tour as well. It must be said it wasn't the case at all at the beginning. Saying SR was a band just for the fun of it is true. This is the first gig given by SR in Troyes, May 2002, with Blockheads, Submerge, Iscariote and Nostromo which will give the band a real push. This spot has been offered by Phil Kieffer from Shogun Records/Submerge and this is honest to say that it's him who highly contributed to path the way of the band into the DIY french hardcore scene. He released shortly afterwards a split 7" with Submerge including the first 2 tracks ever SR recorded in January 2002.

Then Basement Apes Industries re-released this split under cd and toured with Submerge for promoting it. Mathieu joined the band 1 month prior to the tour and became member of the band definitely.

Also Basement Apes released SR maxi cd 'We kneel in the pews by the confession box' which push further SR on the road and on the desire to go on on a hardest pace. A hardest pace that Morgue already took by taking the road successively for the 2 parts of the In-Between Storms tour promoting their second cd. Intimately linked still, both bands partake their agenda for touring commitment. From october 2002 to february 2003, both bands won't take time other than playing, composing a bit only.

Following suit is the departure of Max, guitarist of both bands and Morgue's singer, in november 2003. This is a new age for the now-trio. They decide to go on in view of the 15-day Christmas In Noise tour in december 2003 and of the 7 Days to Pandemonium tour of Morgue in february 2004. A new dynamic is born.

SR will go on as a trio, Morgue will get a lead singer and another guitarist for the stage.

In december 2003, SR played 15 dates across France with Comity and Spinning Head before taking a break to complete the composition of their first full cd due out january 2005.


Goodbye Mr Wanton
LP | RSR008
Keben Records / Radar Swarm Records

§ Revolution calling Comp. | CD/DVD | Listenable Records | 2005
§ Better At Making Enemies Than Friends Comp. | CD | Eternalis Records | 2005
§ We kneel in the pews by the confession box | MCD | Basement Apes Industries / Skalopards Prod'z | 2003
§ Split w/ Submerge | CDEP | Basement Apes Industries | 2003
§ Split w/ Submerge | 7" | Shogun Records | 2002