Montpellier, Hérault, FRANCE


Pierre Viguier (vocals/guitar)
Jean-Michel Gimenez (bass)
Benjamin Heredia (drums)



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Montpellier-based Tantrum was created in 1993. Their musical orientation is post-hardcore noise with a preference for assymetric structures (read: KNUT, KEELHAUL, KISS IT GOODBYE, ANODYNE......).
A first album recorded and engineered by Iain Burgess and Peter Diemel at the Black Box studio was realeased in 95.

In march 97, Tantrum released «Twisted in anguish», their second album, recorded in Geneva (Forces Motrices) by David Weber. Thanks to a re-release by Supine records and Snuff records (Knut's label), «Twisted in anguish» was released in Switzerland and Germany.

The recording of a 3rd record was stopped in fall 98 due to a change of drummer. Benjamin Heredia, a 19 year old drummer, joined the band and after a period of practice, Tantrum recorded «Into thin air» in december 99 with David Weber. The cd was released in march on Supine records (Tantrum's own label).

Despite a poor distribution, the record sold relatively well thanks to mailorder, trades and merchandising in western Europe (Spain, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Germany, France and even the US).

For Tantrum, 2003 can be summarized in 6 words: a new album, shows, shows, shows. Their 4th album, «The Frontier Bursts Into View» was recorded in Switzerland again, but this time with Serge Morattel (Knut, Shora, Brazen, Spinning Heads...) at the Rec. studio. It features 10 new songs hammered out by anger and precision.
The result is heavier, louder, more extreme and entwined with intriguing atmospheres.

Tantrum will tour Europe with Anodyne (Escape Artist) in April and May and will spend the rest of the year touring.


The Frontier Bursts Into View
LP | RSR002
Radar Swarm Records

§ Into Thin Air | CD | Supine Records | 2000
§ Split w/ Beeswax | 7" | 1999
§ Split w/ Knut | 7" | Snuff Records | 1998
§ Split w/ Epileptic | 7" | Pont'Ach Records | 1997
§ Twisted In Anguish | CD | Supine Records / Snuff Records | 1997
§ «s/t» | 7" | Bawl Records | 1997
§ Split w/ Belly Button | 7" | Bad Karma Records | 1996
§ Split w/ Beamtrap | 7" | 21 Again Records | 1995
§ «s/t» | CD/LP | WMD Semetery | 1995
§ Split 4 bands | 7" | Calme Plat Records | 1994