Cork, Ireland


Dave Condon (Bass, vocals)
James O' Ceallaigh (Guitar, vocals, synth)
Jeremiah Spillane (Guitar)
Johnny King (Drums)



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Already gaining quite a reputation with their “Through The Cracks Of The Earth” demo and especially with their self-released epic “Sol” EP, Altar Of Plagues have morphed their layered sound into an apocalyptic sonic maelstrom that not only upholds the band’s black metal beginnings, but takes that initial paradigm and into more-vast, epic, experimental and ambient cinematic musical terrain.

Where “Sol” was an immense progression from their demo, taking the band’s bleak vision of a scenario of desolate and abandoned urban wastelands and creating and shaping their distinct style of apocalyptic virulent melodic black metal, “White Tomb” takes the sonic vision of “Sol” and expands it much further into new epic, destructive and desolate, collapsing, and unforgiving sonic realms. If bands like WOLVES IN THE THRONE ROOM conjure scenes of epic nature, massive cascading waterfalls and engulfing forests, Altar Of Plagues create stark images of crumbling skyscrapers, dying and rotten urban structures, empty cracked worn down highways and desolate vast oceans.

Along with black metal, and by converging other styles in the band’s visceral uncompromising mix without losing the deadly wall-of-sound effect created through the warm-edged sound and production, and without falling into a typical synthetically triggered digital-sounding paradigm nor falling into a post-whatever sounding mess. Other elements such as KHANATE/BURNING WITCH-esque painful slow trudging doom also find their way into the mix as “White Tomb” also features guest vocals from Nathan Misterek of the now defunct doom gods GRAVES AT SEA, minimalistic electronica and haunting Cold Meat Industry/Tesco-esque industrial ambient, along with the towering apocalyptic vibes of OLD MAN GLOOM and old-school ISIS (“Mosquito Control/Celestial” era) layered with the instrumental wonders that bands like MOGWAI and RED SPAROWES portray, “White Tomb” is a vicious and atmospheric pillage where visions of collapsing burning cities become desolate wastelands; a depiction of civilization (or what’s left of it) in despair attempting to re-build their shattered dreams while still searching for the ever elusive hope.

In 2009 "White Tomb" became an album that was described by a number of critics as one of 2009's best and most exciting releases (and was featured in Decibel Magazines Best of 2009 list landing in at the #21 position). 2009 saw the band tour extensively throughout Europe, with 2010 proving to be an even more promising year for the act with a new E.P release on Roadburn records as well as receiving an invitation to perform at the renowned Roadburn Festival.


MCD | RSR023
Radar Swarm Records

First Plague (2006)
Through the Cracks of the Earth (2007)
Sol (2008)
White Tomb (2009)
Tides (2010)